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Urban Home Furniture Styles You Need to be Familiar with

Urban home furniture styles are so diverse these days. The reason is because urban areas are developing in many parts of the world. Each person has their own take on urbanism.

Every aspect of their life revolves around that preference. It includes their approach when choosing furniture. Some pieces will look odd to other people. However, uniqueness is the charming characteristic that every urban house has.

Let’s learn several styles of furniture you can find in urban houses.

Urban Home Furniture Styles That You Need to Know

1. Modern Style Furniture

Modern style furniture is designed with futuristic look and consists of clean lines and edges. Center attention of such style is the function, instead of outer appearance. The size of furniture pieces is usually small relative to its room. It means there is more space to move around.

modern home furnitureUsually, the furniture pieces are in striking colors. Geometric pattern is also popular within this style of furniture. The pieces also have polished finish to serve pristine and simple look.

2. Classic Style Furniture

Classic style furniture will never be outdated. That is why it is still a popular choice among home decor goers. Inside a room, usually there is a centerpiece that is surrounded by harmonious background. Elaborate bed and luxurious dining table are examples of classic furniture. The pieces are usually made from wood, stones, and marbles. Color options tend to be more natural. You will find softer side of palette more than often.

3. Industrial Style Furniture

It is one of the latest urban home furniture styles. This style stays true to the concept of urban living. In industrial style houses, you will most likely encounter open space and multifunctional rooms. Multipurpose interior pieces can be found in the house. Sleeper sofa is one of the examples.

The outer appearance of such style is rustic. Unpolished surface and timbers are often seen in industrial style furniture pieces. This style can get very expensive since it requires expertise.

4. Minimalist Style Furniture

Minimalist style is quiet similar to modern style. There is an abundance of moving space in room with that style. The furniture is kept at minimum. Furniture pieces with this style tend to play around with forms, color, and texture. Asymmetric sofa and table are simple examples of this furniture style. The lines in furniture are clean. Each piece of furniture serves its own purpose. It minimized the chance of piling up your belongings.

5. Midcentury Style Furniture

This style is often referred to as combination between modern and traditional style. It definitely aspires to approach modernity. However, it still caries warmth you will often find in traditional furniture pieces. This style is prominent in 1945 to 1975 but people are trying to bring it back.

Arc lamp in neutral color is an example of furniture piece with midcentury style. Usual design is simple, but the color tends to be organic.
You may have tendency toward a specific style. Some people are even going eclectic route and combine various styles together. Just choose urban home furniture styles that work for you.

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