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Home Furniture Stores and Showroom for Traditional Contemporary Items

Home furniture stores and showroom is a place you need when decorating and designing home interior. One of reliable companies you can trust is Yogya Indo Global. It is Indonesia manufacturer of home furniture and handicrafts of wood material.

For the furnishings, they mostly adopt the traditional design that emphasizes carvings and sculptures. This traditional accent ultimately creates an authentic and indigenous impression on your home.

Home furniture stores

Artistic Furniture You Can Find at Home Furniture Stores and Showroom

1. Artificial root decoration

The main product that makes this company famous is the artificial root decoration. Made from high-quality teak wood, the woods are finally chiseled and put together to resemble a unique entity. The design is most likely different from one unit to another. For functionality, you can put this decoration on plain wall, or it can also be used as a separator between the rooms. It still preserves the original looks of light and dark brown.

2. El coffee table

This coffee table that based on mindi wood has a dominant color light brown. The color heavily highlights the element of wood that it carries. With a nicely furnished, this coffee table is claimed to be able to survive for a long time. The foot section uses an unusual arched design. Moreover, this coffee table is also equipped with one rack as storage.

3. SM Boat bar

Speaking of unique designs, Yogya Indo Global as one of home furniture stores and showroom is an expert. Just take this Teak wood-based bar as an example. Made to resemble the shape of a boat, this table is equipped with various shelves and columns. In addition, the color is dominated by a light blue incision like sea water. To maintain the authenticity, the coloring process of this bar is all done by hand; full of beautiful wear and tear on the paint layer.

4. Industrial Furniture Rack

For book lovers who want to give a natural feel to reading room, Indus rack is the right answer. This bookcase has a design that isn’t less unique than the other products. The shape is like a letter A with 4 levels of shelves in it. For the materials, the frame is using teak wood with dark brown finishing, while each shelf is using a light brown finishing. Two-tone color is able to combine in a balanced way to produce a matching color. As usual, manufacturer also added a traditional accent with the ‘age circle’ on the shelf.

5. Rounded Root Dining set

As the name suggests, this dining set has the concept of unification between the wood and root, so it also gives its own uniqueness that sets it apart with other dining sets. For the color, the set retains its original color of light brown with clear coating finish. This table has a wide diameter, so four people can still sit comfortably.

Those are the superior products from furniture manufacturers in Indonesia. The products are in line with the mission to introduce indigenous accent of wood furniture. In the future, Yogya Indo Global as home furniture stores and showroom will strive to provide other traditional styles and designs.

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